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Our Services

What services do we provide?

We provide 6 types of task specific advocacy, both statutory and non-statutory, as well as non-instructed advocacy within Derby City and, some other areas where Derby City are funding peoples care and support, for example; Loughborough and Nottingham (within a 30-mile radius of Derby City).

Statutory is defined as:

…relating to rules or laws that have been formally written down…an act of parliament…

This means that local authorities have a duty to provide advocacy services for; 

ICAS – Independent Complaints Advocacy

IMHA – Independent Mental Health Advocacy

IMCA – Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

Care Act

RPPR – Relevant Persons Paid Representative

Additional Information

Non-statutory advocacy is a service we provide, that is not backed by legislation passed by government, but that the local authority (Derby City Council) funds for one advocacy to provide.

This means we can support people who do not fit in to one of the above statutory services. We call this ‘Specialist Advocacy’.

It is what gives value and depth to our belief in advocacy being available to all who need it.

We accept spot purchase arrangements, for out of county work – advocacy, training and consultancy.

N.B. In all advocacy types, we are unable to support people with: anything financial; legal; and, children & young people.

There are times when we work with you, using a Watching Brief approach, also known as Non-Instructed Advocacy, where we measure 8 domains to a quality of life, to make sure that you are being cared for in the best possible way, and with your preferences taken in to account, and your rights protected.

This is when you are unable to give us permission to support you, but others’(usually professionals such as social workers or hospital consultants) involved in your care and treatment believe your right to an independent advocate, is appropriate and necessary.

We do this by getting to know you as well as possible; from you, your health and social records, care plans, health passports, speaking to other professionals who know you, learning from your loved ones and understanding your usual home environment.


Spot Purchase Arrangements

Specialist Advocacy

Contact Us

If you have any questions please get in touch. Hours of business: Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

01332 228748

one advocacy, Sinfin Library, Arleston Lane, Sinfin, Derby DE24 3DS