IMHA – Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Independent Mental Health Advocacy

We support people who are detained under a section (as in the Mental Health Act), including voluntary (informal) patients, in a secure hospital/unit and/or locked ward, including rehabilitation services and forensic mental health services, or those in the community under a CTO (Community Treatment Order) or under a Guardianship.​

Being detained under a section can be an uncertain time. It means there are things you can and can’t do. You might have new treatments or revised care pathways, and some professionals have certain rights to make decisions about you.

An advocate can help you understand your rights and help you get answers to your questions. They can attend meetings with you and speak to people on your behalf. As well as this, an IMHA can:

  • Support you to appeal your section;
  • Attend Managers Hearings either with you or on your behalf;
  • Ask for medication reviews;
  • Support you with Mental Health Review Tribunals;
  • Help you to understand ‘jargon’;
  • Support you with seclusion’
  • Help with concerns about ECT.

There are many other situations which your IMHA can support you with, if they are in relation to your care and treatment as a detained patient, including informal, or community based.

You can refer yourself or ask someone to do it for you. This could be anyone whom you trust; a family member, friend, or a health or social care professional.

IMHA Referral Form

You can download the IMHA – Independent Mental Health Advocacy Referral Form by clicking the button below.

Please print, fill it out and return to us via email or post.

Send the completed form to:

Manager, one advocacy, 3rd Floor, Stuart House, Green Lane, Derby DE1 1RS

or email to
or call the Direct Referral line 01332 228748