Money Advice Service

Are you struggling to keep on top of your finances? 

If you are a resident of Derby City or South Derbyshire and need support in managing your debts, our Money Advice Service is here to help.

Council tax, Rent, Gas and Electric, Credit Cards, Car Finance, Loans and many, many more – these are just some of the payments that thousands of people across the UK are struggling to meet and our debt advisers are here to help you get back on top.

Our team of debt advisers are able to explore all of your options and give you confidential and impartial advice – from negotiating with your creditors, setting up payment plans, applying for trust funds and even some that you might not have heard of before.

To get help with your debts you can call our dedicated helpline 01332 228745 where you will be asked to leave your name and number. A member of our money advice team will then call you back within 3 working days to complete a brief assessment of your circumstances and where appropriate book you an appointment with one of our specialist debt advisers.

During your appointment your adviser will assist you to create a financial statement, discuss your budget and provide hints and tips for increasing your income and reducing your spending as well as exploring your debt management options with you. At the end of your appointment your adviser will provide you with an action plan and will support you through the process of getting your debts back under control.

You can find further information on managing your debts and a wide range of self-help tools here.

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