Skills and Training Opportunities:

   It is vitally important that we recognise and support the needs of unpaid carers in their daily lives. Unpaid carers need a wide array of knowledge and skills to deliver the best and safest care they can. 

Here at Universal Services for Carers in Derby, we provide free training courses throughout the year to unpaid carers where they will not only be able to gain new essential skills and expertise, but will also be able to share knowledge, experiences, and emotional and social good practice. 

The skills and training courses we offer include: digital awareness, manual handling, first aid, and various CPD accredited courses supporting carers in learning more about their caring role.

To learn more about our free training opportunities, please see below:

*NEW* Taking Responsibility for Your Own Care – learn more about YOU! – currently being delivered by telephone or Zoom.
Personal development and reflecting on your experiences as a carer is essential to evolving as a carer and learning how to take time for YOU. ‘What About Me?’ is a free skills and training opportunity available through the Open University that can help you in identifying and reflecting on your experiences, interests, and skills as a carer, as well as your future aspirations. We can support you on your training journey by helping you access the course and setting up a log-in, supporting you throughout the course over the telephone and talking with you about your experiences and how you can put the course’s self-care tools into practice and printing the course materials for you. This course will also help you develop coping strategies that you can implement in your caring role.

To enquire about this course, simply call our help-line.


*NEW* Digital Awareness – Feel more confident online! – currently being delivered by telephone or Zoom:

Whether you are a complete novice or want extra tips on accessing digital technology, you may benefit from our 1-to-1 digital awareness support. We can help you with matters such as setting up email accounts, using social media, booking online appointments, online shopping and banking, internet safety and much more. 

Simply call our help-line to find out more!


First Aid Training – What is First Aid?
First aid is the medical term used to describe the immediate assistance given to a person suffering a minor or major injury or sudden illness. There are five main aims of first aid:

1. Preserve life;
2. Prevent an illness or injury from worsening;
3. Promote recovery;
4. Pain relief;
5. Protecting the unconscious.

These can be remembered as the ‘5 Ps.’ It can include anything from performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to applying a plaster to a cut or fashioned a sling to support an injured arm. First aid is conducted either to solve a minor injury or illness (so cleaning a cut and putting on a plaster) to keeping a person safe and alive whilst an ambulance is being called.

It can be a scary time when a person injures themselves or suddenly falls ill. It is therefore a good idea to be as prepared as possible and to enrol on a course that can provide you will the skills to cope during an unexpected accident or medical emergency.

The team at Universal Services for Carers therefore believe that it’s our duty to ensure carers are as prepared as possible for such circumstances and that knowing first aid will help them deliver the best and safest care they can.

Our free first aid training courses will therefore provide you will the following essential skills:

• Dealing with cuts, scrapes, grazes, burns, scalds and other minor injuries
• Managing various types of eye injuries
• Immobilising fractures, sprains and joint sprains
• Preventing choking
• Stopping excessive bleeding
• Helping unconscious patients
• Performing CPR
• Knowing the recovery position

Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to manage emergency situations and to keep the person you care for safe during an episode of injury or illness whilst you wait for the emergency services to arrive or in the interim before a medical appointment.

*At the moment we are unable to run our first aid course as planned, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the team are hard at work developing news ways we can still support carers with accessing first aid training. Please keep checking our website and social media pages for an update.

Manual Handling Training – What is Manual Handling?
If you look after someone who has an illness or disability, you may need to help them move around, support them with transferring to different locations or reposition them. For example, it is common that the following moving and handling is often needed in a caring role:

• In the bedroom – supporting to get in and of bed, turning over in bed, sitting up in bed, changing clothing and help with support stockings, and using a commode;
• In the bathroom – bathing and showering, support with going to the toilet, and using a shower seat or grab rails;
• Elsewhere – sitting in a chair, standing and walking, getting up from the floor after a fall, help with walking aids, accessing stairs and helping with steps, using a wheelchair and ramps, and getting in and out of a vehicle.

However, helping someone move around when you have not had the correct training to do so may lead to you accidentally hurting your loved one or injuring yourself. This may then limit your ability to continue to give care to your loved one.

The most common injuries carers get are back injuries. Injuring your back will limit your movement and your ability to care for someone and it could take a long time for you to recover. Lifting someone incorrectly can also damage fragile skin, cause shoulder and neck injuries, increase existing breathing difficulties, or cause bruising or cuts.
It is also important that any lifting or moving equipment is only used with the correct support and guidance, usually from an Occupational Therapist.

Our free manual handling courses will therefore introduce you to the basic knowledge you require to move the person you care for safely and will give you the confidence to deliver the best care you can. We will also help you identify if you require additional training and will support you with contacting more advanced trainers and a relevant Occupational Therapist.

*At the moment we are unable to run our manual handling courses as planned, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the team are hard at work developing news ways we can still support carers with accessing manual handling training. Please keep checking our website and social media pages for an update.



Skills and Training – currently via telephone and Zoom:

Digital Awareness - Over telephone or Zoom - Anytime by appointment.

To ensure carers have the skills to access and use the Internet freely and safely. Gain more confidence online!

What about Me? - Over telephone or Zoom - Anytime by appointment.

To help carers learn about their caring role, reflect on their skills and experience and to develop coping strategies.

First Aid - delayed owing to COVID-19 - TBC

To ensure carers know what action to take in emergency medical situations.

Manual Handing - delayed owing to COVID-19 - TBC

To ensure carers can lift and move their cared for in the safest possible way.

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