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Spot Purchase – Advocacy, Training & Consultancy

Spot Purchase

Advocacy, Training & Consultancy

We welcome spot purchase arrangements for specific advocacy provision, training and consultancy.

  • IMCA (including 39A, 39C and 39D);
  • IMHA (training and consultancy only);
  • ICAS;
  • RPPR;
  • Care Act; &
  • Specialist.

Spot purchase advocacy can help when:

  • there is no contract to provide a particular piece of work;
  • bridge a gap in services (e.g. where none is commissioned);
  • develop your organisational understanding;
  • promote professional development;
  • support development of your work-based team;
  • enhance humanistic, social and health care courses;
  • ensure as many people as possible are supported; &
  • prevent waiting lists.
    Spot purchase arrangements are:
    • a single issue;
    • time-limited piece of work funded by a local authority; or
    • the NHS; or
    • a solicitor;
    • a voluntary or other organisation to provide advocacy, training or consultancy for an individual client; and/or,
    • a group of people.

    Enquiries about Spot Purchase 

    For all enquiries relating to spot purchase – advocacy, training and consultancy, please contact the Manager and Operations Lead of one advocacy:

    or email to

    or call the Direct Referral line 01332 228748


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