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BSL Digital Connect Derby

Digital Training supporting the

Deaf/Deafblind/Hard of Hearing

Community in

Derby City


This project is aimed at supporting the Deaf/Deafblind/Hard of Hearing community of Derby city who need support learning about Digital platforms online. The short courses are designed to improve your digital skills, increase accessibility, have more confidence online and provide a safe space for learners to interact and support each other.

Watch the video below to learn more about how BSL Digital Connect Derby can support you

BSL Digital Project

Hello I’m Steph here at the Citizens Advice, based in Derby in my role as BSL Digital Advisor.

Did you know that Citizens Advice Provide free, independent, confidential, and impartial information, advice and support. The organisation encourages empowerment, promotes good physical and mental health, and helps relieve poverty and distress through provision of a diverse range of services across the communities of South Derbyshire, Derby City, East Staffordshire and Tamworth and surrounding areas.

The Citizens Advice, based in Derby has successfully received a 30k grant from the Access Foundation. This is to support a digital programme for Deaf/Deafblind/Hard of Hearing people with learning about technology with FREE training within Derby city.

The Access Foundation – support charities who want to improve Access and have specific projects.

The project will be based in Derby City and supported by the Access Foundation to provide Digital training access for Deaf people living in Derby.

So, what will the training be?  We use a platform called ‘Learn My Way’ which is an approved provider in collaboration with HMRC

So, the sort of things we can Help with are: –

– Setting up and using a phone, tablet or laptop – For complete beginners

– Accessing information online    – Maybe you want help with Benefits accessing the council website

– How to manage money online – Staying Safe online, scams and online banking

– search for employment AND applying for work – or search for courses

– Using online forms – Contact forms for further information about a service

– Use public and health services, booking appointments – GP, Dentist or asking for a Prescription repeat

– Using Webchat to get thing done – Chat bots for example Car Insurance making changes

– shopping ONLINE – which helps with budgeting also help with using your bank card online safely  

–  socialising online- using social media apps safely and confidentially

So, we’d like your Feedback – What do you want to learn? What areas do you need to improve with technology? Do you want to get more confident online? Click the link below to Email the team or use the text number below for an informal chat with our advisor.  Text: 07418600539

Thanks for watching.

If you would like support with your digital needs, please complete the form below or contact our referral team messaging service.  The team will then contact you within 3-5 working days.

Email us:

Call or Text:07418600539


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